Dating website My Lovely Parent lets kids choose dates for parents

A new dating website allows kids to choose dates for their single parents.

When you hit a certain age, it becomes more difficult to meet someone. It’s difficult enough to meet someone when you’re young; so when you’re older, that’s amplified. You’re faced with a myriad of potential significant others who all have their own emotional baggage – and probably a lot of it. With more than 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, that leaves a lot of heart-broken people out there looking to start anew with someone else.

Those people surely have problems finding people who are ready for a relationship. That’s why online dating sites are so popular. If you sign up for one, you’re ready for something real (maybe not, but that’s the premise, anyway). Ideally, you’re only finding people who want a relationship just as much as you do.

But not every parent wants to use eHarmony or Match, and anecdotally, we’ve seen some the ones that do end up with some doozies. For those who are still living with a single parent or just concerned about their parent’s dating life, there is a way to influence who they date. A new dating site called My Lovely Parent allows the kids to do the picking when it comes to who their parent falls in love with. My Lovely Parent allows you to create a profile and search through eligible matches, much like Match and eHarmony does, but on someone else’s behalf. This should be particularly helpful for those who know their parent would benefit from a dating site, but the parent is hesitant to open an account. 

My Lovely Parents ventures away from the typical dating site by allowing the kids to gather a list of people they like and email it to their parent. There isn’t another dating site like this, as My Lovely Parent is solely dedicated to parents.

While you never really know if someone is creepy or not until you meet them, this site seems like it would have more quality people on it compared to any other dating site. At least we can hope.


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